World Mission and Prayer Topics

Title : (North America) P. Ron Ward and other leaders visited our coworkers in the Pacific Northwestern area (by John Seo)

After finishing the Kimnet Forum, the journey team (P. Ron Ward, Dr. Jose & M. Maria Ahn, M. Jacob & Esther Lee, Dr. Ezra & Esther Cho, M. David & Joy Kim, and M. John Seo) visited our coworkers in the Pacific Northwestern area. On Friday, May 27, M. Abraham & Sarah Song (Seattle UBF) invited us for breakfast at their house church. After having a delicious breakfast and fellowship, we visited the University of Washington and prayed for the college ministry in Seattle. We left for Vancouver and arrived there around 5pm. M. John and Anna Kim (Vancouver 2) invited us for dinner and we had a joyful fellowship with them. M. Daniel & Anna Kwon opened their home to P. Ron Ward and John Seo to stay there. The next day we joined the first house church wedding of the Vancouver 2 chapter between Tony Han and Stephanie Lim and blessed them. After the wedding we left for Victoria. M. Joshua and Helen Park attended us wholeheartedly. The next day P. Ron delivered a deep and insightful Sunday message based on Ge 2:18-25. After the worship, the engagement ceremony between Joshua Park Jr. and Joanna Cho was held. P. Jacob Lee delivered a powerful message for the engagement. After the ceremony, P. Ron and P. John left for Vancouver and met with M. Paul and Sarah Kim's family (Vancouver 3). They just came back from Korea and we had a joyful fellowship. The next day P. Ron and John Seo left for Portland and visited Dr. Joseph & Dr. Sarah Theresa Ahn's house church. We had a very meaning conversation with the Dr. Ahn's family. That evening, M. John Seo visited Abraham & Nathalys Kim's house and prayed for them. The journey team came back safely to their homes. We praise and give thanks to God for blessing our mission trip abundantly.


Title : (United States) Milwaukee UBF Leadership Transition (by Joshua Hong)

P. Paul Dang has served Milwaukee UBF for the last 40 years. He shared his reflection based on Romans 1:5, “Through him and for his name’s sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from all the gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith.” Through prayers and the selection process, P. Paul and the elders were convinced that James should be the next pastor for the ministry. P. James shared his testimony based on 1 Peter 2:9. “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” P. James was grateful for God’s grace and P. Paul Dang’s shepherding. He prays to grow a holy and gospel-centered community together with all other members. The elders from Chicago UBF(Luke Moon, Richarch Choi, Faith Choi, James Rarick), P. Teddy(N. America coordinator), Dr. John Yoon and P. Paul Dang jr(Hyde Park UBF), Joshua and Grace Hong(I-Vine UBF) came to celebrate the occasion. Please pray for Pastor James and M. Abigail and Milwaukee UBF ministry.


Title : (HQ) UBF TV Headline News (March & April) + UIC Campus Bible House Tour (by Joshua Min)

UBF TV Headline news for March and April was published. See the work of God around the world through UBF communities, UIC campus Bible house tour and more. Please support us by subscribing to the UBF TV channel:


Title : (HQ) UBF Tentmakers: Msn. Maria Meyer's first episode (by M.Moses Noh)

UBF Tentmakers YouTube Channel released a new episode of M. Maria Meyer (Dresden, Germany). Please watch and spread the beautiful story to many people.

YouTube Video :

UBF Tentmakers YouTube Channel :


Title : (HQ) UBF HQ ONLINE COURSES: SUMMER Registration by June 20 (by Augustine Suh)

The UBF HQ Online School Program is designed to support and equip UBF leaders including chapter directors and local UBF ministries.

For summer 2022, we are offering three courses: (1) Emotionally Healthy Relationships (workshop), (2) Covenant: The Backbone of the Bible, (3) Biblical Preaching Part 2 (workshop). For more information, follow the link:

To register, please contact us at by June 20, 2022.


Title : (Canada) Engagement between Joshua Park Jr. and Joanna Cho (by Joshua Park)

By God's amazing grace, Joshua Park Jr of Victoria UBF (Canada) and Joanna Cho of Washington DC were engaged on May 29th in Victoria, Canada. God had saved them from the empty ways of life and led them to a mission-driven life in Him. The Lord, who is the best matchmaker, brought them together to serve Him as a couple. Please pray that they may love God and love each other deeply. May God use them as a blessing on campuses in Canada and the United States.


Title : (Asia) News from Myanmar--Pastor David (by Joshua Hong)

Dear Faith Hong(Hyde Park UBF--has been praying and supporting this ministry),

Long time no update. I would like to update you that we are all doing well in the Lord. Orphans started going to school yesterday though the education now is not great. They have no choice since they took a break for three years. They grow up a lot now compared to their grades. We have not been able to reopen MUST(seminary) due to the situation here. Pupha village in Kaya State was totally burned. This village is composed of 200 houses. Everything is burned and they are now in shelters in the forest. They have nothing to eat but some NGo are feeding them. Many of the children do not have enough food. Now, they have no school to go to. And all their related documents to join another school were burned. They are badly in need of help. The villagers called me and asked if we could help some 30 children. They are in big trouble. We are praying if we can help them. I will let you know more later. We now have regular worship service this time since Yangon is safer than others.


David Ngun Peng Lian


Please pray for the following important events of our ministry:


June 11 (Sat) The 23rd Korean Online Forum on "Jesus-centered Happy Couple"


June 25 (Sat) The 23rd English Online Forum on "Jesus-centered Happy Couple"


June 26 (Sun) Inauguration ceremony of the Latin America Continental Coordinator


Aug 12 (Fri) Inauguration Day of the New General Director of UBF


Sep 23-25 (Fri-Sun) Eastern Africa Regional Conference


Sep 30 (Fri) - Oct 2 (Sun) Southern Africa Regional Conference


Oct 8-9 (Sat-Sun) Western Africa Regional Conference


Oct 14-16 (Fri-Sun) Northern Africa Regional Conference


Aug. 3-6, 2023 International Summer Bible Conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA


P. Moses Yoon’s Prayer Topics:

• To build a loving community

• To raise leaders of next generations

• To serve campuses through laymen missionaries

• To send 100,000 missionaries out by 2041


P. Ron Ward’s term as a new General Director will start from August. May God grant him new vision and bless his new leadership in our community!


HQ Programs:

• Online Forum: May God continue to bless our online forums to be edifying and encouraging to many UBF coworkers (Topic for June: Happy Couple in Jesus). Please pray for the Online Forum Task Force (led by Dr. E*zraCho).

• Mission Revival Movement: HQ WMD (led by M. David Kim) proposed Mission Revival Movement and started praying for it as a group. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as they pray and prepare for this movement.

• UBF Tentmakers – A Life Following God’s words: This is a YouTube channel that introduces the life of UBF lay missionaries and shepherds. A new episode of M. Maria Meyer (Dresden, Germany) was released. Please pray for casting.

• Emerging Leaders Cohort (ELC) program: ELC Delta team is going to graduate this month; ELC Echo team is finishing their 1st year program; A new cohort team needs to be formed. Please pray for these cohorts that all participants may grow as spiritual leaders in our ministries.

• Gap Year Program: The HQ has prepared a unique Gap Year Program for young people in our community ( Please let the young people in your chapter know this opportunity. May God bless UBF Gap Year Program to benefit many young people in our community. (Questions:

• Vision Academy for the Next Generation: An online education system is being developed for the spiritual education of the next generations. A Task Force has been formed and Dr. Daniel Lee (Shippensburg UBF) is leading the TF. Pilot courses will be offered this summer. Please pray for this project. In-person Vision Camp will be resumed in 2023.


Chapter/Regional Prayer Topics:

• Ukraine and our coworkers:

May God end the war and bring peace to the land! May God protect our brothers and sisters and their families who remain in the country during the war! Please also pray for our coworkers who escaped to other countries (some of them have returned to Ukraine and others are planning to return soon). May God provide everything they need and guide them into his ways! May God comfort and bless them from above and strengthen them through his words!

• Africa International Conferences by region:

o North (Sudan, Egypt): Juba (10/14-16), in-person

o West (Nigeria, Ghana): Nigeria (10/8-9), in-person

o East (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia): TBA

o South (Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe): Wits (9/30-10/2), Hybrid

Pray for those who are making detailed plans for the conferences.

• Korean Lay Shepherd Conference, June 5-6, online: There will be a conference for Korean lay shepherds with a theme, “This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles”. May God bless this conference abundantly with his life-giving words!

• M. Isaac Park was elected as the Latin America coordinator and will start his period from July 1. He prays to build a united community, raise Latin leaders, and send out missionaries from Latin America.

• Canadian Summer Bible Conference: They are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Canada UBF. The conference will be held on July 1-3, 2022 during Canada Day. All 18 chapters in Canada will be participating in the online conference. Prayer topics are: 1) Experience the power of faith in God - Everything is possible!, 2) Canada to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, 3) Evangelize all Canadian campuses, 4) Establishment of next generation leaders, 5) Give thanks for the work of God in Canada in the past 40 years, 5) Messengers (Luke Hong, Ian Agard, Natan Bekit, Joseph Minielli, Samuel Mukewedeya), 6) 250 conference attendants

• Francophone Conference: French-speaking UBF ministries will have a conference in France on August 4-7. Ministries from France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada will be participating. Pray for the next gen leaders who are organizing the conference under the leadership of Paul Heo (Paris UBF).

• Summer Bible Conferences: Many summer conferences will be held during this summer. Let us pray that God may bless them with life-giving messages and heart-moving testimonies so that many people may accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior or renew their faith in him.

• UBF Europe is hosting the following events during this summer. Please pray for them.

o Aug 1-5 JBF Camp in Croatia

o Aug 4-7 Summer Conference for French Speaking Countries in Colmar (France)

o Aug 5-8 Children's Conference in Muecke (Germany)

o Aug 17-20 Encounter Conference in Mainz


Prayer Requests from Coworkers:

• Dr. James Hong (Chicago): He is receiving chemotherapy to stop the growth of cancer. He also had a vocal cord surgery to restore his aspiration function and voice. May God have mercy on him and heal him through the treatments! He prays to live by faith without fear every day.

• S. M*oody (Q nation) was diagnosed with cervical disk in three parts. Please pray for him to receive proper treatments and be healed completely. He is an influential leader. May God strengthen him with life-giving words each day!

• Please pray for M. H*annahShin (Czech) who had colon surgery (tumor). She had a hernia after initial surgery and received another operation but had some inflammation. She had to be hospitalized again. She is now back home. It will take several weeks to recover. Please pray for full health recovery.

• M. G*raceJoo (Sweden) still suffers from severe headache after surgery. Please continue to pray for her full recovery.

• M. P*aulineLee (Denmark) is receiving chemotherapy (breast cancer). May God strengthen her every day and heal her completely!

• P. A*brahamLincoln (Boston) received an open heart surgery. He is recovering but very weak and fatigued. Please pray for his complete recovery.

• S. J*ulieAngam (India) (by Dr. John Angam): She may be able to eat well so that her body will be strengthened and able to accept chemotherapy. She may be also able to sleep well and heal from the wounds of surgery. She may remain strong in faith by holding God's promise in her heart and be able to bear all the pain of procedures.

• M. G*raceKim (Karawachi, Indonesia): Little progress has been made in her rehab process. The left side of her body still remains paralyzed. Please pray for her recovery. They need to make a decision whether to continue to stay in Korea or move back to Indonesia. Please pray for M. Joshua and the family.

• S. Darren (London, UK): “I still have no salivary glands which makes eating very difficult however, I am getting used to life without saliva, adapting what I eat… I am back at work, trying to learn how to manage stress which is a major factor in the fight against cancer. I'm not sure I'm doing such a great job at it so far... needs prayer.”

• M. J*ohnKim (France): His current contract at work is ending this summer. Please pray that he may be able to transfer to another department and stay in France to continue to serve God’s ministry there. He started working for a new department as part time. He needs to prove himself there. Please pray for him.

• New house churches will be established during this summer. Please pray for them.

o 6/6 Peter Jeong and Sarah Wieland (Koln, Germany)

o 6/11 Josef You and Ruth Shim (Chicago)

o 7/9 Joshua Lee jr. (Belgium) and Rebecca Jeong (Yeonhee) in Seoul


Sick coworkers and children:

H*annahKoh (Hansung), H*annahByeon (Kwanak 3), J*oshuaJin (Kwanak3), T*ae-wooKim (Yeon-hee), Y*esungKim (Jong Ro), D*anielKim (Campinas, Brazil), G*raceKim (Karawachi, Indonesia), E*ugenia (Peru), K*yunghwaPark (Anam), H*annahCho (Busan, Korea), YoonSook Choi (JongRo2, Korea), J*uanaPark (Colombia), A*naHeo (Paraguay), J*oyPalaka (India), J*ulieAngam (India), A*eranSuh (JongRo2), E*lizabethYeon (N Seoul), J*amesHong (Chicago), P*aulNa (JongRo 7, Korea), R*uthLim (NY), K*nutRohrmoser (Germany), T*homasKang (Japan), J*ohnKim (Colorado, USA), B*ecky (Song)Lee (San Jose, USA), G*raceJoo (Sweden), A*brahamLee (Milwaukee)

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