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by Pastor   11/03/2013   Revelation 4:1~5:14


Heavenly Worship

Revelation 4:1-5:14 Key Verse: 5:13

Part I: Worship God because he is the Holy, Almighty Creator (4:1-11)

  1. Read 4:1, 5, and 1:1-2. Whose vision was this, through whom was it given and what does it seem to be about? What does a throne symbolize? What does verse 5 tell about God and our worship? What kind of attitude should we have toward God?

  2. Read 4:2-3, 9-10; 5:1, 7. Who was sitting on the throne? How is his beauty described? (3) What does the emerald rainbow suggest? (3) Moreover, what does the rainbow remind us of? (3) What do “thunder and lightning” recall? (5) What does this teach us about God? Who surrounded the throne? How were they dressed? Who might they represent?

  3. Read 4:6-8. Describe the 4 living creatures that were in the center around the throne. What does it mean that the living creatures had so many eyes? (8)

  4. Read 4:8-11. How did the 4 living creatures lead in worship? How did the 24 elders respond? (10) What do these crowns represent? (10) What is the content of their songs of worship? (8) Why is God alone worthy of our worship? (8) What can we learn here about God? (8b) Why is God alone worthy of our worship? (11) Why do each of us have life? Where is our true identity? (11)

Part II: Worship Christ because he is our Redeemer (5:1-14)

  1. Read 5:1-5. Who is worthy to open the scroll and its seven seals? Why? Have you ever wept out of a deep desire to know God’s will? Who can do so? (5) Whom does this refer?

  2. Read 5:6-10. Who is the Lamb? How had John the Baptist called Jesus? (Jn 1:29) Here what is true worship?

  3. What does the song in verses 9-10 tell us about Christ’s redemptive work, God’s great world mission purpose and the task he has given his church? Who worships him? (11) How do they worship him? (12)

  4. Who is worthy to receive the worship of all men and angels and all creation? (13-14) What can we learn from these chapters about how we must worship God?



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