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by Pastor   11/03/2018   Acts 25:1~27



Acts 25:1-27 Key Verse: 25:11

  1. Read verses 1-3. Who succeeded Felix as governor? Why did Felix leave Paul in prison? What did Festus do after taking over the rule of the province? What did the Jews in Jerusalem request? Why?

  1. Read verses 4-5. How did Festus respond to the request? Read verses 6-8. Describe the trial before Festus, including the accusations of the Jews and Paul’s defense.

  1. Read verses 9-12. What option did Festus give Paul? What was Paul’s appeal and why did he make this request? How can we see here God’s hand of protection?

  1. Read verses 13-22. How did Festus explain his dilemma to King Agrippa? What continues to be the focal point of the charges against Paul? What was Agrippa’s response?

  2. Read verses 23-27. What is Festus’ problem in sending Paul to Rome? What help does he request of King Agrippa? How can we see God working to fulfill his promises and carry out his plan? (See Acts 9:15; 19:21; 23:11)

  3. Why was it so important that Paul go to Rome?


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