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The Sign of Immauel

by pastor   01/30/2023   Isaiah 7:1~17


The Sign of Immanuel

Isa 7:1-17 (K. V.: 7:14)

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

1.  What came to pass to the King of Judah (1)? Can you think of anything similar [challenge(s)] coming to pass in your life (or in your family or in your ministry)?

2.  How did Ahaz and his people respond to the news (2)? Why do you think Ahaz was referred to as “the house of David” (2, 13)? 

3.  How did the LORD help his people through Isaiah (3-4)? What would happen to Judah’s opponents (5-9a)? How could Judah stand firm during the challenges (9b)? 

4.  What did the Lord ask Ahaz to do (10-11)? How did Ahaz respond to the LORD’s request (12)? How did Ahaz test the patience of the LORD (13)? What does his response tell us about Ahaz? (cf. 2Ki 16:7-9; 2Ch 28:1-4)

5.  What sign did the LORD give to Ahaz (14)? What is the function of a “sign”? Which child (or son) in the New Testament Scriptures is also Immanuel? (Matthew 1:23) What does the name “Immanuel” tell us about the way the LORD helps his children?


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