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The God of the Living

by pastor   06/08/2022   Luke 20:20~47



Luke 20:20-47 (K. V.: 20:38)

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.”

1. Who sent spies to Jesus and what was their purpose (20)? How did they try to flatter Jesus (21)? What did they ask him (22)? Why was this a trap?

2. What was Jesus’ answer and how did it silence them (23-26)? What duty should we do to Caesar and to God?

3. Who were the Sadducees (27; Ac 23:8)? What tragic story did they tell and what was their question (28-33)? How did this plant doubt in the reality of the resurrection? What does this reveal about their world view?

4. What did Jesus teach about the difference between the present time and the age to come (34-36)? Read verses 37-38. Based on Moses’ account, what did Jesus teach about God and resurrection (Ex 3:6)? What hope does this give us?

5. How did the teachers of the law respond (39-40)? What question did Jesus ask them (41-44)? What did Jesus want to teach about himself?

6. What warning did Jesus give his disciples (45-46a)? How did Jesus describe the religious leaders’ lifestyle (46b-47a)? What would happen to them (47b)?


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