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Put this Money to Work

by pastor   02/25/2022   Luke 19:11~27



Luke 19:11-27
Key Verse: 19:13

So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas. ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’”

1. While they were listening, what did Jesus tell them and why (11)? Why did people relate Jesus’ entering Jerusalem to the kingdom of God? In the parable, how would the man of noble birth become king (12)? Who does this represent?

2. Read verse 13. What task did the man give his servants? What did it mean to the servants to “put this money to work until I come back”? What does it mean to us? In contrast, what did the subjects do and why (14)?

3. What happened to the man of noble birth (15a)? Upon his return, what did the king do first (15b)? On what basis and how did he reward the first two servants (16-19)? What can we learn here about stewardship, accountability and reward?

4. What was the report of the third servant (20)? What excuse did he give for failing to obey his king (21)? How did the king judge and punish him (22-24)? Why did the king call him “wicked”?

5. What surprised those standing nearby (25)? What principle did Jesus give to explain the king’s action (26)? What did the king do to his enemies (27)? In light of this parable, what does Jesus want us to do until he returns?


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