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What is impossible with man is possible with God

by pastor   02/25/2022   Luke 18:15~30



Luke 18:15-30, Key Verse: 18:27

1. For what reason did people bring babies to Jesus (15a)? Why did the disciples rebuke them (15b)? What did Jesus do (16a)? What did he want his disciples to learn?

2. Read verses 16-17. To whom does the kingdom of God belong? Who will never enter the kingdom of God and why? What does it mean to receive it like a little child?

3. Who came to Jesus and with what question (18)? How did Jesus correct his concept of goodness (19)? What specific commands did Jesus remind him of, and why (20)? What does the man’s answer show about his view of himself and the law (21)?

4. What instruction, promise and invitation did Jesus give him (22)? How does this expose and solve the man’s fundamental problem? How did the rich man respond and why (23)? In view of this, what general teaching does Jesus give (24-25)?

5. What did the disciples ask (26)? Who can save us (27)? What contrast does Peter’s response reveal between the disciples and the rich man (28)? What promise did Jesus give (29-30)? In light of this passage, how can we receive the kingdom of God?


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