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Who Can Be Jesus' Disciples?

by pastor   12/17/2021   Luke 14:25~35



Luke 14:25-35, Key Verse 14:27

And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

  1. To whom did Jesus address his teaching (25)? Why do you think the crowds were traveling with him? What challenging teaching did Jesus give (26)?  What does he mean to “hate” family members and even one’s own life (Mt 10:37)?

  2. Read verse 27. What more does Jesus require of his disciples? What did it mean to “carry their cross and follow me” (9:23)? What does this mean to us today?

  3. How does building a tower relate to the life of discipleship (28-30)? How can we make sure that we are able to finish the life of faith that we start?

  4. How is our life of faith like a king who asks for peace when faced with a larger army (31-32)? What terms of peace can we have with God? How can we give up everything we have (33)?

  5. In what respect is salt good, and what will happen when it loses its saltiness (34-35a)? How can this metaphor be applied to being Jesus’ disciples? Who can hear Jesus’ teachings (35b)?


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