Bible Materials

Discipleship Lesson Five

by Pastor   10/13/2020   John 16:21~28



John 16:21-28; 4:21-26 (K. V.: 4:24)

“‘God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.’”

Gospel-Centered Prayer (16:21-28)

  1. What does the analogy of childbirth reflect the situation of the disciples (21)? How can the disciples rejoice amid their time of grief (22)? Why would the disciples no longer ask Jesus anything (23a)?

  2. What is the new way of our prayer life (23b)? What has been the prayer format so far (24a)? What is the secret of our joy (24b)?

  3. What kind of time will come (25)? In that day, what will we be able to do and why (26, 27)? What is the one truth we should remember in our prayer (28)?

  4. Where else can we find the model prayer for us (Mt 6:9-13)? Can we find an example of intercessory prayer as well (Ro 8:27, 34; Heb 7:25)?

True Worship (4:21-26)

  1. What did Jesus reply to the Samaritan woman regarding the proper worship place (4:21)? What is the basis for his answer (22)? What does the Father seek (23)?

  1. What is the fundamental principle of worship (24)? Explain about the woman’s earnest desire to worship the right object of worship (25)? How can we be close to Jesus when we have a desire to worship (26)?


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