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Jesus Teaches Us How To Pray

by Rob   09/08/2021   Luke 11:1~13



Luke 11:1-13, Key Verse: 11:2

He said to them, ‘When you pray, say: Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.’”

Prayer-relationship-God’s answer: all for the kingdom of God.

1. What request did one disciple make of Jesus (1)? What motivated them to ask about prayer? What did Jesus teach about the contents of prayer (2-4)?

2. Read verse 2. How did Jesus teach them to address God? In what respect was this revolutionary (Ro 8:15; Jn 20:17)? Why did Jesus give “hallowed be your name” as the first prayer topic? What does “your kingdom come” mean?

3. What prayer topics does Jesus give regarding practical needs (3-4)? Why pray for “daily” bread (Pr 30:7-9)? What is the significance of being forgiven and forgiving others? Why do we need to pray about temptation (1 Pe 5:8)?

4. What did Jesus teach about our attitude in prayer through a parable (5-8)? How did Jesus reinforce this teaching (9-10)? What should we learn from this practically?

5. In what respect are all fathers alike (11-13)? How much more is our loving heavenly Father likely to give us the best gifts? What is the best gift?


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