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You Give Them Something To Eat

by Pastor   07/06/2021   Luke 9:1~17



Luke 9:1-17, Key Verse: 13a

He replied, “You give them something to eat.”

  1. What did Jesus send the Twelve to do, and how did he equip them (1-2)? Why did they need power and authority from Jesus? What is the significance of proclaiming the kingdom of God, and how is healing the sick related to it (Lk 11:2)?

  2. What specific instructions did Jesus give, and what timeless principles do they teach (3-5)? How can we apply these principles? How did the Twelve respond (6)? What was the result of their ministry (7-9)?

  3. What did the apostles report (10a)? Why did Jesus take them to Bethsaida (10b)? How was this plan hindered (11a)? How did Jesus view the crowd and what did he do for them (11b)?

  4. What suggestion did the Twelve make and why was this reasonable (12)? Read verse 13a. In what respect was this a challenge to them to grow and become like him? How does this reveal Jesus’ hope and direction for them? How did they respond (13b-14a)?

  5. How did Jesus help them get started (14b-15)? What did Jesus do with the loaves and fish they brought him (16-17)? What could they learn here? What do we learn from Jesus about a shepherd’s heart? How can you “give them something to eat”?


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