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Jesus Calls Simon to Fish for People

by Pastor   02/26/2021   Luke 5:1~11



Luke 5:1-11, Key Verse: 5:10b

“…Then Jesus said to Simon, ‘Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.’”

1. Where was Jesus, and what was he doing (1)? Whose boat did Jesus step into and what request did Jesus make (2-3)? Describe the scene of Jesus teaching the crowd from the boat.

2. Amidst teaching the crowd, how did Jesus focus on one person (3-4)? What did Jesus’ words, “Put out into deep water” mean to Simon? For what reason did Simon obey Jesus and what can we learn from this (5)?

3. What unusual thing happened when Simon obeyed (6-7)? Why might this be so meaningful to Simon and his partners?

4. How did Simon respond to this event (8-10a)? What did Simon realize about Jesus and himself? Why was he afraid?

5. What did Jesus say to Simon and what did it mean to him (10b)? How did Simon and his companions radically res­pond (11)? From this passage, what do you learn about becoming Jesus’ disciple? Have you responded to Jesus’ call?


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