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Jesus Chooses the Twelve and Designates Them Apostles

by Pastor   04/06/2021  



Luke 6:12-26, Key Verse: 6:13

When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles…”

1. What was happening in “those days” (12a)? What did Jesus do and why was this important (12b)? Read verse 13. What is the significance of choosing the Twelve and why did Jesus designate them apostles?

2. Who are the Twelve (14-16)? What do you know about each of them? What factors are common and how are they different? Why might Jesus choose such a diverse group? Why did Jesus change Simon’s name to Peter?

3. When Jesus went down with his disciples, who did they encounter and why had they come (17-19)? Why did Jesus put his disciples in that situation?

4. On whom did Jesus focus his teachings (20a)? Who are the blessed from Luke’s point of view (20b-22)? What blessings do they receive? What attitude must disciples of Jesus have (23)?

5. According to Jesus’ words, for whom are woes reserved and why (24-26)? How is this different from the world’s view? What can we learn about the value system Jesus wants his disciples to have?


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