Bible Study Materials

The Beginning of the Good News about Jesus

by pastor   05/20/2023  



Mark 1:1-15

Key Verse: 1:1

  1. What is this book about (1)? What do the two titles of Jesus here tell us about him? Why is it important that the gospel began with prophecy (2-3)?

  2. How did John the Baptist fulfill the prophecy? What did John preach about and why is this important (4)? How did the people respond to John (5)?

  3. What does verse 6 tell us about John (see also Lk 1:17)? What did John’s message reveal about Jesus (7-8)?

  4. What happened when Jesus was baptized (9-11)? How were the Spirit and God the Father involved in this event? What is the significance of this?

  5. Where did the Spirit send Jesus and why (12-13)? What does this tell us about Jesus’ ministry (Heb 2:18)?

  6.  After John was imprisoned, what did Jesus do (14-15)? Why was and is Jesus’ message of the kingdom of God good news? How can we receive this message?


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