Exodus 20:1-21 Questions

Exodus 20:1-21 Questions

How to have right relationship with God and with others
Exodus 20:1-21, Key Verse: 3

1. Read verses 1-3. What right did God have to issue these commands? (2) Put the first command into your own words. Why are God’s supremacy and the necessity of absolute loyalty the foundation for the Ten Commandments?

2. Read verses 4-6. What reasons does God give for prohibiting idolatry? What “other gods” or idols compete for your allegiance? How do you think God feels when we worship things other than Him?

3. Read verses 7-11. How are we to consider using the name of the Lord? Give examples of “misusing” God’s name. In today’s world, how can we observe God’s Sabbath principle.

4. Read verse 12. How would you interpret the promise given to those who honor their parents? What does “honor” include?

5. Read verses 13-17. How are we commanded to treat one another? Murder and adultery are not just external acts; they are matters of the heart (see Mt. 5:21-30). What, then, does it mean to obey these commands?

6. In what way is stealing a violation of the sanctity of human relations? What might be some of the consequences of “false testimony”? In what way is coveting (17) not only a wrong against our neighbor but also against God?

7. Read verses 18-21. What did the people’s fear cause them to say Moses? How did Moses respond to the Israelites’ fear? How can having a healthy fear of God keep a person from sinning?

8. What is one practical step you can take to honor God this week? Reflect on all the commands and, as needed, follow the promise of 1 John 1:9.

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