Exodus 19:1-25 Questions

Exodus 19:1-25 Questions

Preparing for the Covenant With God

Exodus 19:1-25, Key Verse 19:5,6

1. Where and when did Israel gather to make a covenant with God? (1-9) What did they see God do in Egypt? What did it mean to be carried on eagle’s wings? To be brought to God?

2. Why did he choose Israel out of all the nations? What is a covenant? (Isa 54:5) What was their part of the covenant relationship? What does it mean to be a kingdom of priests? A holy nation?

3. What does it mean to “keep my covenant?” What does it mean that God says, “the whole earth is mine.?” What do these things teach about God? What is his great world purpose? (Eph 1:10; Jn 3:16) What was the people’s initial response to the word of God?

4. Why did God descend to the top of the mountain in a dense cloud, and then to speak with Moses in the hearing of the people? (9)

5. How were Moses and the people to prepare for the Lord’s coming down? (10-15) What is the purpose of such preparation?

6. Why did the Lord call Moses to come up the mountain, then immediately send him back down again? (19:23-24) (up and down—3,7,8,9,10 etc.)

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