Exodus 18:1-27 Questions

Exodus 18:1-27 Questions


Exodus 18:1-27, Key Verse: 18:23
“If you do this and God so commands, you will be able to stand the strain, and all these people will go home satisfied.”

1. Read verses 1-4. Who was Jethro (1)? What do the names of Moses’ sons recall for him and his family?

2. Read verses 5-8. What was the message that Jethro sent to Moses (5-6)? When Moses met Jethro, what did they talk about (7-8)? Of what value is it to have a friend to whom you call tell everything?

3. Read verses 9-12. How did Jethro respond to what Moses told him (9-11)? What did Jethro do in response to God’s deliverance of Israel (12)?

4. Read verses 13-18. What did Jethro observe about Moses’ daily routine and the toll this was taking on Moses and the people (13-16)? How did Jethro express his concern for Moses (17-18)? What are the dangers of trying to do too much by yourself?

5. Read verses 19-23. What kind of advice did Jethro give Moses? What kind of people was Moses to select for leadership (21)? What types of responsibilities were Moses’ leaders supposed to have (22)? How would Jethro’s advice benefit Moses and the people of Israel (23)?

6. Read verses 24-27. What did Moses do with Jethro’s advice? Why is it hard to take advice from in-laws or any other closely-related people? How were Moses’ leaders to handle difficult cases? To where did Jethro return after being with Moses (27)?

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