Exodus 15:1-21 Questions

Exodus 15:1-21 Questions

(Praise for the past and hope for the future)
Exodus 15:1-21, Key Verse: 15:18

“The Lord reigns for ever and ever.”

1. Read verses 1-2. What inspired this song of victory? (1) In what terms do Moses and the people express their personal relationship with God and their duty to God? (2) What is the value of reciting God’s victories in public singing? On what occasions have you been inspired to break out in song to God?

2. Read verses 3-12. What conclusions about God do the people draw from the Red Sea victory? In what ways do these facts reveal God’s purpose for delivering Israel from Egypt? Against what adversaries do you need to see a demonstration of God’s power, majesty and holiness?

3. Read verses 13-18. On what basis do the people exclude confidence for their future? What will be the effect of the exodus on these nations? (14-16) After rehearsing the past, the people look to the future. What enemies lie ahead? (14-15)

4. Read verses 19-21. What role did Miriam and the other women play in the victory celebration, and why? How does the knowledge of God’s character and past faithfulness encourage you in anticipation of the future?

5. In some ways our praise to God should be planned, and in some ways it should be spontaneous. What is the value of both kinds of worship?

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