Exodus 2:1-25 Questions

Exodus 2:1-25 Questions

(A Mother’s Faith)
Exodus 2:1-25 (Key Verse: 2:2b)
“When she saw that he was a fine child, she hid him for three months.”

1. Who got married (1)? How long did the Levite woman hide her newborn son? Why (2)? What did the Levite woman do when she could no longer hide her baby (3-4)?

2. Who came to bathe in the Nile, and what was her reaction to finding a baby (5-6)? What critical part did the baby’s sister play in this situation (7-8)?

3. What was the baby named, and who adopted him (9-10)? Why do you think Pharaoh’s daughter defied her father’s order?

4. What did Moses observe about the conditions of his own people (11)? How did Moses deliver his version of justice, and what happened as a result (12-14)? Why did Moses flee Egypt, and where did he go (15)?

5. Who showed up at the well where Moses was sitting (16)? What heroic act did Moses perform at the well (17)? How did the girl’s father respond to Moses’ act of kindness (20)?

6. Whom did Moses marry, and what was the name of their son (21-22)? While Moses was in Midian, what was going on in Egypt (23)? What was God’s response to the cries of the Israelites (24-25)?

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