Easter 2020 Questions

Easter 2020 Questions

John 21:1-25
Key Verse: 21:17b

1. Read verses 1-3. To what does “Afterward” refer? Where did this third resurrection appearance occur? Who was there? What did Peter and the disciples do? With what result? What was their spiritual/human condition?

2. Read verses 4-6. Why didn’t the disciples recognize Jesus? How did he greet them and restore their fishing failure? Of what important event does this remind us? (Lk 5:4-6) Why might Jesus be concerned about Peter?

3. Read verses 7-8. Who recognized Jesus first? What did Peter and the others do? How successful was their fishing trip? Why was Peter so excited? What does this incident reveal about Peter and about Jesus?

4. Read verses 9-14. How did Jesus serve his disciples? What was his purpose in doing this? What does this show about Jesus’ way of shepherding his disciples? Of what previous events might the disciples be reminded? How did the disciples respond?

5. Read verse 15. On which disciple did Jesus focus his attention? Why? What did Jesus ask? What does he mean by “more than these”? What does it mean to love Jesus? What was Peter’s response and Jesus’ command?

6. Read verses 16-17. How is this exchange repeated? What does it mean to “feed my lambs,” “take care of my sheep,” and “feed my sheep”? Why was Peter hurt? Why did he need to be hurt to be healed?

7. Read verses 18-19. What change would take place in Peter’s life as a disciple of Jesus? What is the same? Why did Jesus speak about Peter’s death? Read verses 20-23. Why did Peter ask about John? What did Jesus teach him? What can we learn here about the writer of this book? (24,25).

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