Matthew 18:15-35 Questions

Matthew 18:15-35 Questions

Matthew 18:15-35, Key verse 35

1.  What does Jesus tell us to do when we become aware of a sin[1] in a fellow believer (15-17)? What must be avoided when doing this? What should be our aim and goal? What do you think it means to treat a person as a pagan or a tax collector?

2.  What authority did Jesus give the church (17-18; 16:19)? Why is agreeing, praying, and gathering in Jesus’ name important (19-20)? What blessings does Jesus promise to those who do so?

3.  What question did Peter ask and why (21)? What answer did Jesus give (22)? Why is this challenging to Peter and to us?

4.  In Jesus’ parable, what crisis was one servant in, and how did the king respond to his plea for mercy (23-27)? How does this illustrate the grace of God to sinners? What outrageous thing did this servant do (28-30)?

5.  What did the king say and do when he heard about this (31-34)? Read verse 35. What is the point that Jesus makes? What did it cost God to forgive us? How can we practice forgiveness and mercy?

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