Matthew 7:13-29 Questions

Matthew 7:13-29 Questions


Matthew 7:13-29, Key verse 24

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

1. What does Jesus tell his disciples to do and why (13-14)? What does it mean that one path is broad and the other narrow? How do Jesus’ teachings in this sermon thus far imply these two ways of life?

2. What characterizes a false prophet (15)? How can false prophets be recognized (16a)? What does “fruit” refer to (16b-20; 3:8,10)? In light of this, whom should we learn from and follow?

3. What distinguishes a false and real disciple of Jesus (21-22)? “On that day” what will many say to Jesus and what will be revealed (22-23)? How can we do the will of the Father in heaven and be known by Jesus?

4. Read verses 24-27. What are two responses to hearing Jesus’ words? What are they compared to? How is putting Jesus’ words into practice like building on the rock? What might the storms represent? What promise and warning does Jesus give?

5. How did the crowds respond to Jesus’ teaching (28-29)? What word of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount has challenged you, and how are you putting it into practice?

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