John 1:35-1:51 Questions

John 1:35-1:51 Questions

John 1:35-51
Key Verse: 1:39a

“’Come,’ he replied, ‘and you will see.’”

1. Why did John the Baptist say again, “Look, the Lamb of God!” (He must be greater) What was the response of two disciples of John the Baptist? What can we learn from John the Baptist?

2. What is the significance of Jesus’ question, ‘What do you want?” What was their response? What was Jesus answer and significance of Jesus’ invitation, “Come and you will see”?

3. When they went with Jesus and spent time with him, what was their conclusion? How? What does “the Messiah” mean? What did Andrew do first? What hope did Jesus have for Simon?

4. How did Philip become a believer? What town is from Philip? What was Philip’s testimony and what did he do?

5. Why was Nathanael doubtful? How did Philip encourage him? What changed his mind?

6. What did Jesus say to Nathanael? Why did Nathanael come to believe? Review the confessions of Andrew, Philip and Nathanael about Jesus. When we believe in Jesus, what kind of conclusion did you have about Jesus?

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