1 Thessalonians 5 Questions

1 Thessalonians 5 Questions


1Thessalonians 5:1-28
Key Verse: 5:16-18

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1. What is the day of the Lord (1, 2)? How will the day of the Lord come (2, 3)? Why will the secular people not avoid the destruction (3)?

2. In what point of view are the Christians in Thessalonica the children of the light and children of the day (4, 5) (John 8:12; 12:36)? How is the life of those who belong to the night or to the darkness (7)? What kind of life should those who belong to the day live (6, 8) (Romans 13:12-14)?

3. What is the purpose which God appoints Christians for (9, 10)? What attitude should Christians have each other (11) and to those who work hard among them, who care for them in the Lord and who admonish them (12, 13)?

4. What are Christians’ attitude to those who are idle and disruptive, to the disheartened, to the weak, and with everyone (14)? What should Christians do to wrong (15)?

5. What should Christians do always and for everything (16-18)? Why (18b)? How can we live such life?

6. What is our attitude toward the Holy Spirit and prophesies (19, 20)? What should we do to good and to evil (21, 22)?

7. What is Paul’s last prayer and request (23-28)?

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