Genesis 42-44 Questions

Genesis 42-44 Questions


Genesis 42:1‑44:34
Key Verse: 44:33

“Now then, please let your servant remain here as my lord’s slave in place of the boy, and let the boy return with his brothers.”

1. How wide did the famine extend? Why didn’t Jacob send Benjamin with them? What did Joseph think of when they bowed down before him? (9a) What does this show about his faith?

2. Why did he accuse them of being spies? What information about themselves and their family did they divulge? (6-13) How did he propose to test them?

3. What did they reveal about their burden of guilt? (21-13) How did their confession affect Joseph? Why? What additional anxiety did Joseph give his brothers? Why? (28)

4. What report did they give their father? What was their reaction when they discovered the rest of their money in the sacks? (29-35) What reveals the sorrow and fatalism in Jacob’s heart?

5. How did Judah persuade Jacob to send Benjamin? (3, 8-10) How did Joseph receive them and why were they so frightened? (15-22)

6. What serious problem did Joseph create for his brothers as they were leaving Egypt? Why? How did the brothers respond to the crisis? How have they changed? What was Judah’s plea? How was he changed? What can we learn from Joseph and from God of Joseph?

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