Genesis 16-17 Questions

Genesis 16-17 Questions


Genesis 16‑17 Key verse: 17:5
“No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be
Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations.”

1. Why did Sarai and Abram think it was reasonable, and even God’s will, Abram to take Hagar as a concubine? What problem arose in Abram’s family? What can we learn about God who helped Abram’s family and Hagar?

2. What do you think Abram’s life had been like during those silent years? How did God reveal himself to Abram again? In what respect had Abram’s faith in the almighty power of God been lacking? Why did God tell him to “walk before me and be blameless”

3. What was Abram’s response? Why did God change his name? What does “Abraham” mean?

4. How did God affirm and expand the covenant promises? What did God tell Abraham to do as a sign of the covenant? (9-14)

5. How did God bless Sarah? What was Abraham’s response? How difficult for him to obey? What can we learn in these chapters about God and his ways of blessing?

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