2015 Dupage UBF Easter Conference Report

2015 Dupage UBF Easter Conference Report

2015 Dupage Easter Bible Conference Report

2015 Dupage Easter Bible Conference Report Docx

2015 Dupage Easter Bible Conference Report PDF

Thank God for all his grace poured out on our humble ministry. We could experience much grace through many testimonies, the help of our friends, and through powerful messages of the resurrection.
On the first night we had 31 attendants and are so thankful for the support of the local Triton UBF chapter—18 people from Triton attended. It gave us hope to see our small rented classroom filled to that capacity always. This gave our speakers much confidence and created a warm and friendly atmosphere. Alan Boyd began the Good Friday service by sharing his message on 1 Corinthians 15:1-34. He, like Paul, helped us to focus our attention back to the gospel as of first importance. He shared how the Gospel is a God made story and should be passed on to others as of first importance: for it is what saves and changes us.

After that we had two beautiful life testimonies. First was Gary Ziemba, who shared about the struggles in his life with substances, trouble with his marriage, and kids, as well as battling serious cancer 3 times. It would be a dark story but for the resurrection. Through his faith and repentance Gary’s life is like Jacob the patriarch, who is now carrying for his wife again, children, and even grandchildren. His faith in Jesus has healed many wounds and repaired many relationships and helped lead his children’s life to Christ as well. His testimony is a beautiful one in Christ. Second we heard a testimony from Bomadeli from Triton Ministry from John 5:6-8, the man at the well. Bomadeli testified how life had been difficult since childhood due to his injuries and felt that his life was not useful. But Jesus called him and showed him that he is useful and beautiful in his eyes and Bomadeli was able to overcome that fatalism and be used by God as a good Christian and fellow Bible teacher at Triton College. That night we had special music provided by a duet Elena Ruiz and Msn Gideon Bahn.
On Saturday we had a fantastic group Bible study lead by Elena Ruiz on John 11. She diligently prepared in the midst of her busy work and study schedule. We had a dinner fellowship and were treated to 3 singsperation songs to prepare our hearts by Ruth and Joshua from Triton Ministry, who are both excellent singers and musicians. We were also blessed to have hymn singing and piano played by Sarah Bahn and provided by Matthew Monroe. The main message was delivered by Jeremy Hajek on John 11. He shared how Jesus commanded us to take away the stone. God was to reveal his glory through this death of the beloved Lazarus and it was hard to see but it could be seen if they took away the stone. God blessed Jeremy’s family to experience the power of resurrection through this conference.
Saturday second part we were graced with many testimonies and life stories of Jesus’ grace which abounds. Elena Ruiz shared how resurrection faith had helped her overcome her fear of tests and prepare for her graduate school entrance exam. Scot Gass shared his life story from Matt 7:24, and was a man of much skill and talent but lost it all when he was in sin. But when he came back to Christ, he is making amends and keeping faithful to Jesus and helping his daughter and grandson stay faithful to Christ as well no matter the cost.
On Easter Sunday we had an extended service. In total 21 people attended on Sunday. (Picture above) The program began with our woman’s vocal team performing Amanda Giampeitro, Elena Ruiz, and guitar by Gideon Bahn. Our main message was delivered by Msn Gideon Bahn on 1 Corinthians 13 and the power of love in the resurrection. From this we could learn about how Jesus’ resurrection gives us the power to transform our hearts and to love in God’s way (agape) in the way that we could not love ourselves and others before. We learned that we must grow in the love of Jesus that lasts forever.
We had two testimonies shared by Matt Cizek and Amanda Giampietro. Matt shared on John 11:25-26 about his struggles but also how he had triumphed over dark things by the power and grace of Jesus. His life is now a life of joy and beautiful testimony to Jesus. Amanda Giampietro shared from 2 Samuel 14 about the past she was dealing with but saw God’s love and grace in the word of God. Her life now is changed by the power of Jesus and her testimony is a beautiful life because of Jesus.
Our closing message was delivered by Carlos Ocasio form 1 Corinthians 15:58 and focused on 4 parts; Stand firm and rise up in Jesus, Let nothing move you, Always give yourself full to God, Focus on Trusting God because death is defeated.

We give thanks for Carlos’ hard work, receiving a message training with all his heart and strength, and his family was there to support him. He was well prepared and the Holy Spirit worked through him to give us all hope in the power of Jesus and to focus on Jesus. This was first time sharing a message and if it is God’s will we pray that he may share more in the future.

In all we are very thankful for the support of Msn Mary Bahn who helped prepare all the background serving and cookies and snacks. As well as we are thankful for Triton UBF members who shared their free time and also brought snacks. We are thankful for all those who attended and participated and those who prayed for us.

Written by Jeremy Hajek, edited by Gideon Bahn

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