Mark 3:35 -Questions

Mark 3:35 -Questions


Mark 3:20-35

Key Verse: 3:35

“Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

1. What was the life of following Jesus like for his disciples (20)? What did Jesus’ family decide to do after hearing a bad report (21)? How is the intensity of life in Jesus often misunderstood by others, including family members?

2. What did it mean that teachers of the law came down from Jerusalem (22)? Of what did they accuse him, and why? What did they know about his ministry?

3. How did Jesus reveal the contradiction in their accusation (23-26)? What does this reveal about the enemy and his kingdom? How was Satan overpowered, and who did this (27)?

4. What wonderful promise did Jesus give (28)? What warning did Jesus give and why (29-30)? What, specifically, is the sin that will never be forgiven, and why not?

5. What did Jesus’ mother and brothers expect when they sent word to him (31-32)? How does Jesus’ surprising question raise awareness of who he is (33)? What did Jesus’ answer mean to those seated around him (34)?

6. Read verse 35. Who can be Jesus’ family members? What does it mean to do God’s will? What does this reveal about our relationship with Jesus and each other?

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