Mark 1:41-Answers

Mark 1:41-Answers


Mark 1:40-45

Key Verse: 1:41

Jesus was indignant. He reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!”

1. Who came to Jesus (40a)? What are the symptoms of leprosy, and how had this disease affected him physically, socially and spiritually (Lev 13:45-46; 2Ch 26:16-21)?

Short story but very deep meaning. Compare leprosy to sin. When we first commit sin it hurts but after a while we become numb. Severe suffering.

2. How did he approach Jesus, and what did he believe about Jesus (40b)?

He believed that Jesus could heal him – make him clean. Jesus power and authority from God. Came on his knees humbly because he did not announce his presence and actually was supposed to stay away.
When he saw others healed he knew that Jesus could heal him. He saw that Jesus healed all those who came to him. Why did he say, “If you are willing…”? By faith depending on Jesus’ mercy and showed how we can go to Jesus–just as we are.

What can you learn here about coming to Jesus?

In our sin it is important to remember that Jesus will accept us.

3. Read verse 41.1 How did Jesus respond?

He reached out and touched the man. Personal engagement with this man. Not just corporate healing. Deliberately reached out and touched him. Close relationship before healing. (Jesus is only one who can touch lepers – he can’t get leprosy – he touches us and we get better) To know God. Restore Genesis 1:25.

What is the significance of Jesus’ reaching out and touching the man?

What do Jesus’ words “I am willing…Be clean!” tell us about Jesus?

Love the words “I am willing” not out of obligation – it pleased him – he was glad to do it. So dear to me not a burden to touch you. God’s willing heart. When God’s servant willing serves he is really happy. (like testimony writing) Glad willing. Luke 15 the prodigal son. When we take even one step. Be clean – solved the physical sin problem – needed to be restored and be useful to the kingdom of God and the community. No one can heal this – but Jesus with one word – clean in the sight of God. God wants to restore God’s image to us. Always cleanses that sin sickness before God. I love the power of Jesus blood that enables me to stand before the living God.

What result did Jesus’ touch and words have on the man (42)?

4. What strong warning did Jesus give the man, and why (43-44a)?

Do not tell anyone – if he did Jesus’ plan to preach the gospel would be hindered. Jesus’ strong warning means he really wanted him not to tell.

What instructions did Jesus give (44b)?

Offer the sacrifices as Moses commanded him. (see 1:21) Honor the Lord and the law. Jesus would of course obey all of God’s law. Initially the man was out in lonely places – ultimately Jesus ended up in the lonely places. Willing to bear this in order to heal the man.

What was the meaning of going to the priest and offering sacrifices as a testimony to them (Lev 14:2, 8, 19-20)?

5. What did the man do instead, and how did it impact Jesus’ ministry (45)?

How he came to Jesus was admirable – but how he handled grace was not admirable. Like the paralyzed man at the pool in John 4. We should listen to Jesus after we receive his grace. What can we learn here about how to respond after receiving Jesus’ grace? This is sanctification – we need to continue to listen to Jesus – else we remain childish and spiritually immature – causing the Lord grief.

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