Genesis 1:25 Questions –Intro to the Bible part 3 of 8

Genesis 1:25 Questions –Intro to the Bible part 3 of 8

Lesson 3
God Created Mankind
Genesis 1:25-2:25
Key Verse/ Genesis 1:27
“So God Created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”


1. What is God’s plan for mankind?
2. How does God bless mankind?

1) God’s Image

1. How did God create man(Gen 2:7)? What does it mean that God created mankind in his own image(26, 27)? What is man’s source of life and value?

2) The Mission of Man

2. What is God’s purpose for mankind(26b, 28, 2:15)? Think about the fact that God created man for mission. How did God provide for the physical needs of mankind doing God’s work(1:29, 30, 2:8-9)?

3) Freedom in God’s Command

3. Read verse 2:16-17 (Adam’s Bible). What was God’s command and how does God’s command establish spiritual order? How do they give man real freedom?

4) Holy Marriage

4. How did God bless Adam being alone(18-25)? Thank about marriage and the family and God’s purpose. About what mankind needs to be happy?

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