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Matthew 1:23 – Christmas Message

Matthew 1:23 – Christmas Message

Matthew 1:18-25 Key Verse: 1:23

“‘The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’).”

In the last Sunday’s passage, we learned that Jesus took three of his disciples and was transfigured to a glorious image, dazzling white like sun shining right in front of them. Jesus showed the disciples his glorious image in order to plant the glorious hope of God’s kingdom in their hearts so that they could focus on rewards not earthly but heavenly. Though Peter was still talking about earthly things at that time, this glorious image he saw on the mountain was imprinted in him. When Peter had the hope of the glorious God’s kingdom and heavenly rewards, he could preach the gospel of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. He could overcome all kinds of sufferings and hardships, and his faith was refined by fire of persecutions to be a pure gold. Thus he became the foundation of the first church of Jesus Christ. Let us focus our eyes on Jesus and see this glorious image. May God bless each one of us to have the hope of the glorious kingdom of God where we will live forever, so that we work hard for the eternal rewards which will last forever. Amen.

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